Mallory Carlson Photography
Here to capture your unique love story. 
California + Where ever your love takes us.

So what’s it all about?


Photography is more than just taking a photo. It’s about capturing a moment that we will never be able to get back again. It’s catching that moment of tenderness or uncontrollable laughter or happy tears. Photography is about telling a story and my job is to capture that! A session with me is fun and goofy but also sincere and intimate. I’ll take on the heavy work and all you guys have to do is love on each other and be your cute selves!!

I’m here for you! I’m here to be your hype girl, your friend, and whatever else you might need from me. I get genuinely excited for each session because I get to connect with some seriously amazing people! My favorite part of the job is getting to hang out with you guys, laugh, dance around like idiots, take in the view, and it’s in that moment that I capture your unique love story.

Everyone has something unique to share and I wanna be the person to capture that for you!

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