Q & A

Where’s your pricing guide?
I don’t have one! Why? Because every wedding is 
different and I like to be able to offer my couples
exactly what they need! 
How do I get a quote from you?
Once you’ve filled out my contact form, I send over 
a customized proposal to fit your exact needs!
What is your turn around time for galleries?
For weddings, I share your full gallery 
within 4 to 5 weeks.
For sessions, you can expect a gallery 
within 2 to 3 weeks. 
Do you provide sneak peeks after our wedding?
Heck yeah! I send sneak peeks from your big day 
within 24 hours of your wedding. 
Do you use a second shooter?
I offer the option to include a second shooter
depending on the size and schedule of the wedding! 
I only hire experienced second shooters who share 
a similar photography style to me to keep a 
consistent look throughout your gallery.
What is a second shooter?
A second shooter is a photographer hired by me to
help in capturing every second of your big day!
The second shooter is there to help me catch those 
moments that I might not be able to get if the 
timeline falls behind schedule or if there are 
multiple events happening at the same time. Their 
main focus is to help me in whatever I need to 
ensure that you guys get every second from your
big day! The photos my second shooter takes are 
then given to me at the end of the night to edit 
and include in your final gallery. 
Do we need to meet with you before our wedding?
Getting to sit down and grab a cup of coffee with 
couples is the best but not all my couples are 
local! So typically I suggest a FaceTime or phone 
call so that we can all get to know each other
before the big day.
Do you help guide us during our session?
Of course! My job is to help you guys feel 
comfortable in front of the camera and I guide my
couples through a session so you're never just
standing around awkwardly. A session with me always
involves good music, lots of laughter, and your very
own hype girl (thats me!).  
Can you help us pick a location for a session?
Yes! I love being able to help my couples find their 
dream location. If you guys don't already have a 
spot in mind, I can offer a list of locations based 
off of what type of location you're looking for!
Okay so how do we make you ours??
Yay!! First (if you haven’t already) fill out my
contact form so that I can have all your important
details. Then, based off the information you've sent
I'll send off a customized proposal for you to look
over and sign. Once signed you'll pay your deposit
and I'm yours!